Friday, February 29, 2008

To be or not to be a textile fanatic

...sigh, life as a SF Fashionista can be rough.

Expecially in the early stages. Finding a new job while keeping an old one. Trying not to get too distracted by projects. Trying not to buy more supplies than needed...big problem there!

This blog will be part ranting, part personal update, part forum for new ideas and new interests. I will document my daily struggle with trying to make it in the fashion industry, as well as my current hobbies and projects.

There will be lots of photos of adventures and surprises and more. We will see. I'm a horrible blogger...

1 comment:

The Ferret said...

I'm guessing the lovely photo is you in a truly stunning wedding dress. I hope you can claim credit for it's creation.

Also, having been through your entire blog, I'd say you're a great blogger :)