Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oops, I did it again...Yes, I'm in Knitty Deep Fall 2013!

YES, I did it again! Exactly 1 year after my Knitty debut, I'm back in Knitty for their 2013 Deep Fall Issue.
Here I am with my oldest, Roo, during our Knitty photoshoot. She was Snow White. I was a lolita.  It was like Halloween in May!

Let me tell you all, it is hard keeping a secret. I started designing these lovelies this spring, I finished them in May, took photos, submitted the pattern to Knitty, and had to keep a lid on its acceptance all summer. Not easy, especially when you want to show off the really fun photos you took during the photo shoot :) 

Just before anyone gets the wrong idea, no I'm not really a naughty Catholic High School student...I'm a married mama of 2 in her thirties. I did get some strange looks when I was taking these photos, however, because I was 7 months pregnant at the time! 

It was tricky taking these photos and getting the right attitude while hiding my belly.  Not even the editors at Knitty knew I was pregnant in this shoot until I told them that was why there was no full body shots!
But enough about me, lets talk socks!

Ridley Socks were inspired by the character Ridley Duchannes from the Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures). She is a 16 year old siren chosen for the dark side, a misunderstood character who is not really completely dark or light in her actions or nature.

When I was reading the books, for some reason, I was imagining the combination of a Japanese schoolgirl/lolita and an All-American Cheerleader type.  I tried to reflect this idea in the design of the sock. Straight forward and demure in the front, sex kitten naughty girl in the back. Its like the mullet of knee socks. School girl stripes were a MUST, and of course, I couldn't resist making them in bright pink and gray!

I also designed two other lengths for these lovelies which I will have available for you all to download sometime later this week. Check back here for the specifics. Originally it was designed in two yarn weights, 4 sizes, and 3 lengths. I will re-release the full pattern next Spring after the rights revert back to me as a "for purchase" pattern (because that's a lot of extra work people, I need a little compensation). In the meantime, I plan on having available the Over-The-Knee and Mid-Calf versions of this sport weight stocking available as a FREE Ravelry download for the duration of this pattern's appearance in Knitty, a special "yay!" and "thank you!"  for all of you out there who want to give this sock a go. This will be a limited time deal, so I recommend you download it while you're able (it will most likely be disappearing as I get ready to release the FULL Ridley pattern for sale.

 In the meantime, enjoy the new pattern. Oh! and don't forget to visit my friends at Candy Skein to get some yummy sport weight yarn to knit these beauties up!

Some Ridley specifics:


S [M, L] in three possible lengths:  mid-calf and knee-high and over-the-knee (Knitty's instructions are for the knee high version) go download my PDF for special mid-calf and over-the-knee instructions.

Cuff Circumference: 5.75 [6.5, 7.25] inches relaxed and 13 [15, 17] inches at maximum stretch
Foot Circumference: approximately 6.5[7.5, 8.5] inches when relaxed 8.75[10, 11.25] inches at maximum stretch
Leg Length: 7 inches for above the heel for calf-length and 15  inches above the heel for knee high. Length is adjustable for fit and desired style.
Foot Length: adjustable to fit. Minimum length is 7.5 inches (US children’s size 13, Euro size 31)


[MC] Candy Skein Juicy Sport [100% Merino; 274 yds/251 m per 100g skein]; color: Foil Wrapper; 1 [1, 1.25] skein(s) for mid-calf length or 2[2, 2] skeins for knee-high and over-the-knee.
[CC] Candy Skein Juicy Sport [100% Merino; 274 yds/251 m per 100g skein]; color: Watermelon; 1[1, 1] skein for all lengths and sizes.

US #2/2.75 needles for working in the round. If using circular needles, you will want DPNs for working the gusset and heel.


28 sts/37 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

46 sts/37 rows = 4" in [K2, P2] rib (relaxed)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September is for New Socks!

Greetings everyone! Its been a while since I've written, but I've been super busy and I have lots of great new things to share with you.

Firstly, I am having a sale on Ravelry for the month of September. Two sales actually. The first sale is on my new Cinna Socks, just released last month:
Grab these lovelies at 25% off on Ravelry. Discount taken automatically at checkout. I'm calling it my Scintillating September Cinna Sale.

I'm also having a store wide sale on Ravelry. 25% off the purchase of any 2 or more patterns when you use the promo code SeptemberSale13 at checkout using your Ravelry cart.  You will need to type in this code at checkout in Ravelry before paying. NOTE: You will need a Ravelry account to view these sales and any other promotions.

I have lots of exciting news to share this month. I have another pattern about to go live on a CERTAIN site (I may share my own modifications to the pattern on this blog), and I also hope to have an Ebook ready for purchase by the end of next month! I'm currently working on a new pattern to add to that book right now, so I hope to have good pictures to share soon.

Also, I'm having a BABY. At some point. This month. Ideally. My due date is in less than 2 wks. So soon I'l l have exciting new little person news to share. We don't know the gender, and we're trying for a homebirth this time. We also haven't decided on a name yet, so be prepared for a BIG reveal.

Until then, knit on, be happy!