Friday, February 29, 2008

You May Be a Textile Fanatic If...

1. The value of your stash of fabrics/yarns of possible projects exceeds your annual income.

2. You have more "potential" clothes than actual clothes.

3. You frequently use family, friends, charity groups or whatever as an excuse for your addiction even though you already have ample supplies at home (I need to buy THIS cashmere yarn to make socks for my mom, or maybe a beanie for the homeless, or maybe...) and you really know you are probably just going to add it to your stash.

4. You've run out of places to sleep because of your fiber addiction (or have your bed jacked up too high you fear injury to facilitate easy textile storage).

5. You buy supplies for techniques you do not yet know with the intention of learning them someday (someday I'll learn how to make lace, and when I do, I'll be glad I bought all of this...)

6. You have ever worried that maybe that one remaining skein/yard will be lonely if you don't buy them all.

7. You have tried to convince your husband/wife/lover/partner/pet to wear a sweater/poncho/dress to give you good reason to buy that fabric/yarn/material or to use/learn a technique.

8. You live in California, but you've taken up Norwegian Stocking Knitting in wool during high summer (or made cotton crochetted bikinis for the winter in Fargo)

9. Your cozies have cozies.

10. Your UFO's outnumber your BFF's

To be or not to be a textile fanatic

...sigh, life as a SF Fashionista can be rough.

Expecially in the early stages. Finding a new job while keeping an old one. Trying not to get too distracted by projects. Trying not to buy more supplies than needed...big problem there!

This blog will be part ranting, part personal update, part forum for new ideas and new interests. I will document my daily struggle with trying to make it in the fashion industry, as well as my current hobbies and projects.

There will be lots of photos of adventures and surprises and more. We will see. I'm a horrible blogger...