Thursday, February 11, 2010

So much has happened...where to begin?

Hi there faithful blog readers.

Some of you may have been wondering, where have I gone off to. Well...I've been busier with life than you'd expect.

I didn't make my marathon goal--I completed it, but only 24 seconds faster.

That's okay though, I had a good reason--I was 4 wks pregnant at the time.

I'm now 21 wks along, and I realize it's time to update this. I'm still running, so of course I have plenty of running adventures to share. I'm also still pulling out the hooks and needles, so I'll have tons of lovely projects to share.

I hope to have a much more adequate post soon.

Till then~


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I just saw some of your projects on Ravelry, then found your blog. Is this your first baby? I'm so impressed with your marathon!

Yavanna R. said...

Hi Monica,

This is my first baby. It's been crazy trying to figure out everything I need/want to do for this kid--especially for projects to knit, crochet, sew. There just isn't enough hours in the day.

I actually ran two marathons this last summer. I was still running pretty regular until about a week ago when I was told to "slow down" :( I miss the running.