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The 3 faces of Primrose..3 socks and other inspirations

The designer, Yavanna, modeling the Primrose Socks at a local war memorial. A fitting location for a design inspired by a child of District 12.


Back view of socks with primrose flower motif 
Primrose Everdeen, Katniss Everdeen's baby sister, was the inspiration for these three pairs of socks. Originally one sock idea, it spawned into 2 other pairs as I made changes for fit and simplicity.
Evening Primrose Flower
My original concept was for a pair of sleek slim knee-high socks that had a very simple but "prim" all over lace that was both easy to execute and lovely on the eyes. I also wanted to incorporate as many elements of the evening primrose flower  (the inspiration for Primrose's name)  into the overall shaping of the sock and also into some fancy motifs on the sock itself as well as some unique shaping techniques for improved fit in this sock.

I love playing with gussets and shaping and ribbing. So I put all of the gusset decreases along the bottom center of the heel and made the gusset ribbed through the arch of the sock. The toe and the heel are also ribbed.
Top of foot

I also really love the delicate heart-shaped petals of the primrose flower, and so I designed the cuff to have heart shaped arches created by where the ribbing ends and the lace motif begins. I also created a primrose petal shape that grows along the back of the leg and sprouts from the toe.

Skinny Bugga from Cephalopod Yarns is one of my all time favorite yarn bases, and luckily they had the PERFECT color for these socks, Other Mother, the palest pink with a touch of bluish gray. I wanted something delicate, feminine, and innocent to reflect Primrose's personality. The wool/cashmere/nylon blend is a wonderful combination of delicate strength and warmth. These should be long lasting socks that keep their beauty for a long time.

Front and side of socks showing ribbed gusset
This sock comes in two versions, full knee-high and mid-calf. The mid calf version omits the motif on the back of the leg  and has a shorter cuff. There are three sizes--64, 72, and 80 CO sts. The lace is pretty stretchy, but those with larger calves may want to knit the shorter version, or omit some of the leg repeats and shorten the cuff of the knee highs so that the sock ends just below the thickest part of your calf. Unfortunately, the arched cuff only works with certain number combinations, and so it doesn't really work for a 88 cuff. I might either try to work out this larger size, or give instructions for placing the fancy back panel into the 88 size for the following sock, Prim. I will be selling this sock on Ravelry for $6. 


Side of foot
The second pair of socks that developed from this original concept was Prim, or "Fancy Prim" as I am starting to call them. 

They are essentially a super short version of Primrose Socks without the fancy flower motifs and with a traditional gusset (not ribbed and not center bottom). It is more of a beginner sock for those a little bit intimidated by all of the bells and whistles of the Primrose Socks.

fancy teardrop heel

It still has the lovely teardrop heel show in my as well as the ribbed toe, but the instructions are much more simple.

Front of foot

This sock can also be knit up in pretty much any 8 st combination, and the pattern includes instructions for sizes 56, 64, 72, 80, and 88 with full charts for the toes and heels. The lace is stretchier without the flower motifs on the back and front, so each size fits a wider range.

You could essentially make these into knee-highs or over the knee socks if you wanted, or make them as short as ankle socks depending. I will be selling this pattern as an upgrade to a free version of this sock, including all the charts and instructions for changing the basic sock for just $2.50.


Picture courtesy of Pebblescruz, one of my testers
This is the most basic version. A plain ribbed heel, a simple ribbed toe. No twisted stitches, no fancy lace motifs. No charts, except for a very small chart for the basic all over lace. Again, you can make these any length or width you want. I wanted to have a free version, because while I do need to make money (all this knitwear design is currently my Work-At-Home-Mama gig), I thought it might be nice to have a really basic version that I can give away and let people try out one of my patterns. 

I hope to have all three patterns available for download in the next week. My goal is to have Primrose up in time for Labor Day weekend knitting (so in the next day or so). Depending on how much work I can get done, I might have all three up. But just to keep expectations realistic, expect to see all three some time during the 1st week in September! Happy knitting!

Also on the horizon, my Katniss Socks (which I am thinking of calling Everdeen), some fun cycling inspired socks, and also PRIMROSE GLOVES and FINGERLESS Mitts. :). Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my Mockingjay Socks, Cinna, or Rue...they're still on their way. I hope to be done with my first Hunger Games Tribute Series by the end of the year.

I also have some fun Fifty Shades of Grey inspired knitwear in my mind (because I can't always design socks, and Mrs Grey has quite the wardrobe to inspire me inside and outside of the boudoir) as well as some fun socks inspired by Yasmine Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon series...because seriously, how cool would a Morio or Trillian sock be? Super geeky cool. And could you imagine how sexy a Camille thigh-high! 

I have so much more sock news to share, but its going to have to wait until September. Trust me, when you see what I have to share, it will make a lot more sense :)

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