Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Can Call Me Al...Yes I'm in Knitty!

Yes, its official! I'm in Knitty Deep Fall 2012!

I've been sitting on this secret for months now. I couldn't tell anyone about it when I was designing the sock. I couldn't tell anyone about it after it had been accepted. I had to wait until this moment, today, to finally tell everyone that I had finally made my major online knitting debut...as one of the many to be published in Knitty as part of their 10th Anniversary Issue for Deep Fall 2012.
Why is this such a big deal...well some of my favorite designers got their start from a well placed pattern or two in the archives of this great knitting e-zine, including one of my knitting idols, Cookie A. Essentially, you sell this pattern to Knitty for a small fee, and they in turn provide it for free download for the masses. If I'm lucky, people will then see my other patterns and I can gain popularity and see my other knitting pattern sales grow.

I'm still new to the whole pattern design world, and so I hope this little offering will help launch my stay-at-home mom career of knitwear designer extraordinaire. Or at least help me support my hobby.

This little beauty, You Can Call Me Al  is named for the demon Algalirept from Kim Harrison's Hallows Series.  I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Harrison's work and wanted to create a sock to represent one of my favorite characters from her series. Designed to be worked in either fingering or sport weight yarn, I created this bad boy in 4 sizes. I created a unique stitch designed to resemble flames. The shaping of the foot and heel is also pretty unique to this sock and took alot of work and effort. It has a ribbed gusset as well for added comfort and a snug fit. I hope you all try it out and enjoy knitting it up in a range of yarns and colors. I can't wait to see all the projects.

That's it for this post. Come check out all my other designs over at RAVELRY. Hopefully I'll have more to post soon about this and other projects. :) I'm so glad I can finally share this with you all

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Two Wednesdays said...

I wish I was better at knitting socks - because I would have to knit these just because of the literary link (the fact they look amazing is not important!) It's my favourite series (and nobidy I know has ever heard of them.)

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