Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween! A Tiger in Autumn~a new pattern for you!

In honor of all things pumpkin-y and good, I send out this tribute to my all time favorite holiday, and gift you all with a new sock pattern celebrating the season!
Presenting "A Tiger in Autumn" socks. I designed them for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous Ravelry Group October Self-Striping Yarn challenge. My goal was to create a fun, easy to work, fast knit that I could then give away as  a free pattern to give more people a chance to try out my designs.

The idea of "A Tiger in Autumn" came from researching the term "Indian Summer". We were having a bit of a hot spell at the time, and I thought a lace chevron sock would be perfect for this short, unique season. Unfortunately, the term "Indian Summer" has negative historical cultural connotations that I wasn't very comfortable with. I didn't want such a negative term attached to one of my creations...that, and it had already been used on 3 other pairs of socks (at least) on Ravelry. "ATiger in Autumn" is a direct translation of the Chinese term for the season. I loved the visual such a title created in my mind. I adopted it immediately.

Some of the fun features of this sock include:
--Afterthought heels to maintain an unbroken stripe pattern on your sock (instructions for a basic slip stitch flap style heel are also included)
--A super spiffy chevron patterned sole
--Instructions for making just about any modification you could think of and...
--Instructions for modifying it to toddler size!

That's a whole lot of extra love in one free sock pattern. I hope you all enjoy.

Oh and Happy Halloween~!