Sunday, June 29, 2008

New crochet projects...completed and upcoming

Recently I bought some yarn to work out a scarf using one of those beautiful Japanese crochet stitch patterns. It was originally made to give away, but then I fell in love with the amazing texture and beautiful subtle play of color. Plus it looked really good on my I guess it saves me a present!

Presenting...The Tulle Fog Scarf. I haven't posted the pattern yet for download, but when I do, it will be on ravelry.

In other news..the Tour de France is about to start up and you know what that means.....time to work up some beautiful cycle worthy crochet! I have two great ideas...a pair of red riding gloves ala Speed Racer and a cute little matching cloche hat ala Trixie! Pics to come as I work out the patterns.

ALSO-->What have you done lately to help your Local Yarn/Fabric/Craft Store? Me? Well, I just showed my LYS some love by buying one of my fave crafting magazines, Interweave Crochet at my LYS instead of the MEGASTORE down the street. I also bought some yarn and vocally shared my appreciation. I guess she wasn't used to that, because I think the gesture really moved her. One good deed for the day, right.

I have so much more news and projects to share...but I still need to sort out some photos. I just got back from a trip to Yosemite National State Park (if you haven't been there, I highly recommend it...awe inspiring nature!) and so I have some pics to share. My mother in law also recently gifted me with an awesome stash of vintage crochet cotton threads and patterns dating back to 1945! Pics will come as I begin to work out the projects. Also, expect more portfolio pics soon.

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The Ferret said...

So did anything come of that idea for the cute red cycling clothes or the Trixie inspired cloche?